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  • free estate evaluation for clients who want to sell or let out their estate
  • consultation of the "Ufficio del Territorio" (Territorial office of the land), the "Conservatoria dei registri Immobiliari" (Cadastral Register Archive), and of the Camera di Commercio (Chamber of Commerce)
  • rent contracts stipulation: apartments, shops, short lets; assistance for the first registration procedure
  • complete assistance for the sale, from the initial negotiations to the final notary deed
  • advice and assistance to contract a loan with banks that have aggreements with the FIAIP (Italian Federation of Professional Estate Agents)
  • sales can be made throughout Italy thanks to the collaboration of colleagues from FIAIP, and at the international level with the collaboration of CEI (Europe) and NAR (USA) colleagues

Estate Agent

In case you do not know the figure of the "Estate Agent", here we give you a piece of advice in order to establish a fair and transparent relationship with your estate agent and to avoid unpleasant surprises.

1 the seller entrusts a tusk of mediation for the sale to an estate agent who must have had the abilitation from the Chamber of Commerce (ask the agent to show you the card proving his registration with "Ruolo Mediatori") 2 the buyer asks the agent to show him all the documentation about the estate, and to show him the estate itself
3 once the buyer has analyzed all the documentation about the estate, he can sign the document in which he entrusts the agent with the task of mediation for the purchase, and, at the same time, he signs a purchase proposal addressed to the seller (owner of the estate); the purchase proposal has to be accompanied by a deposit, a cheque addressed and sent to the seller; the estate agent takes care of the sending to the seller
4 the seller receives the purchase proposal through the estate agent, he evaluates the proposal and he signs it in case he accepts it; at this point the proposal becomes a "preliminary contract" 5 the buyer is informed by the estate agent about the acceptance by the seller
6 the two parties meet either in the estate agency or at the notary's office in order to sign an additional "preliminary contract" in which they specify the terms of the deal; at the same time, they pay the estate agent for his mediation task
    7 in case the buyer needs a loan to buy the estate, the estate agent gives him advice in order to choose the most suitable bank; the buyer signs a "loan request" to the bank he chose, and he makes agreements about the loan terms
    8 the buyer, in consultation with the estate agent, chooses the notary whom he wants to make the deal with; they decide the date in which the notary deed will be made along with the signing of the loan if applicable
9 the two parties meet at the notary's office in order to sign the final notary deed that sizes the passage of property from the seller to the buyer; the entire procedure has to take place before the notary chosen by the buyer
10 the seller pays the INVIM tax to the notary if applicable (according to the Italian law, the INVIM tax does not apply to the buildings bought after December 31, 1992) 11 the buyer pays the notary for his task, and all the taxes due by law

Estate Agent - mediation fee

  • the mediator - Estate Agent - is characterized by his independence and autonomy, and by the neutrality of his action towards both parties
  • the Estate Agent is entitled to receive his fee when the deed is reached thanks to his mediation task; in other words, when the sale results as a consequence of his mediation
  • the estate agent does not need to follow the deal procedure till the final signing of the contract; if the agent is the one who made the parties meet, he is entitled to receive his fee
  • the estate agent is entitled to receive his fee from both parties. In case the parties had not reached an agreement about the amount and proportion of the agent's fee, local custom will apply

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